Why BMI?

When managing affordable-housing communities, it’s vital that you protect and maintain these assets against the countless challenges that arise. Barker Management has a proven ability to deliver exceptional service in this specialized market through its unique combination of advantages.

  • Industry Experience

    Since 1972, we’ve been managing affordable housing, while remaining abreast of the constant changes that affect these communities. While management of affordable housing continues to be our focus, we’ve expanded our capabilities over the years to add construction and development services – including the rehabilitation of properties financed by housing tax credits, tax-exempt bonds, and other funding sources.

  • Attention to Detail

    Our success is based on a philosophy that emphasizes a keen attention to every detail. That means carefully monitoring each and every assignment. The exceptional people on our team have been hand-picked, then specifically trained to take responsibility in seeing each task through to its successful completion.

  • Prompt Responsiveness

    We make it a priority to respond quickly to a resident’s needs or a client’s request. That ability is possible through a focus on the latest technologies, which provide us with shared data through cloud computing, and mobile access to up-to-the-minute notifications, alerts and other information. Technology also allows us to provide transparent access to our clients seeking accurate and timely reporting on all aspects of our management operations.