About Barker Management

Barker Management Incorporated (“BMI”) was formed in 1972 with the concept of providing quality property management services to the affordable housing market.

BMI began managing federally assisted housing, expanding over the years, to include conventional housing and commercial developments; however, its specialty continues to be the management of affordable housing. There are more programs than ever for affordable housing to utilize for subsidy, and Barker Management Incorporated has stayed abreast of the constant changes.

Presently BMI manages properties that include a variety of subsidies from various agencies of programs including United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Community, Federal and State Low Income Housing Tax Credits, State Bond Issuers, Federal Home Loan Bank’s Affordable Housing program and other state and local funding sources.

Why Barker Management?




BMI’s portfolio includes family, senior and special needs housing. We understand each development is unique and strive to understand the goal set for each property. The success that BMI has enjoyed over the past years is based on the solid philosophy of “Attention to Detail”. While the slogan is simple, it has allowed us to underscore the necessity of monitoring all the tasks involved in managing a development for both the employees and the clients. BMI currently has over 425 employees and manages approx. 10,000 affordable housing units.

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